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DATE: 03/06/2014
TIME: 20:30
LOCATION: Hermoupolis, Syros
VENUE: Apollon Theatre
Tania Giannouli Ensemble 03/06/2014

with Tania Giannouli on piano, Guido de Flaviis on saxophones, Solis Barkis on drums and rare instruments and Stefanos Yannopoulos on cello

Tania Giannouli has studied classical piano, theory and composition at the Athenaeum Conservatory and Athens Orfeio Conservatory. She has written music for the theatre, films and videos and has appeared at numerous festivals, galleries and museums across the world (Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Israel, Brazil, England, China and more). She has collaborated with video artists Istvan Horkay, Roland Quelven, Isabel Perez del Pulgar and Guillaume Baychelier.

Improvisation is an important part of her engagement with music. She is a founding member of the group 4+1 and Schema Ensemble, with which she appeared at the international Synch Festival of electronic music in 2010. She has collaborated with the Portuguese flutist Paulo Chagas and together they released the album “Forest Stories” on the New Zealand Rattle label, a release which received excellent reviews and was included in many lists of the best albums of 2013. She has cooperated with author Evgenios Aranitsis, writing music for short texts of his in order to release a book with CD, and in 2010 she created the project Emotone with electronic music composer Tomas Weiss.

With the Tania Giannouli Ensemble and assisted by three distinguished musicians, she launches her new project that has elements of free improvisation, modal, chamber music with influences from 21st century avant-garde, post-impressionism, contemporary European jazz and also distinctive world sounds by unusual instruments and percussion.

Supported by the Municipality of Syros-Hermoupolis and the South Aegean Region