Polyzogopoulos Wiessels
DATE: 27/08/2021
TIME: 20:30
LOCATION: Chroussa, Syros
VENUE: Events’ Venue of the Chroussa Cultural Association
Andreas Polyzogopoulos – Diederik Wissels 27/08/2021

Ο Ανδρέας Πολυζωγόπουλος και ο Ολλανδός πιανίστας Diederik Wissels που θα παρουσιάσουν την πρόσφατη δουλειά τους “Before you go”.

Diederik Wissels, πιάνο

Ανδρέας Πολυζωγόπουλος, τρομπέτα


Andreas Polyzogopoulos and the Dutch pianist Diederik Wissels will present their recent collaboration in the album “Before you go”.

Diederik Wissels, piano

Andreas Polyzogopoulos, trumpet


Supported by the Municipality of Syros-Hermoupolis and the South Aegean Region