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In its first appearance a year ago, Syros Jazz Festival was style oriented. All group participants had the exact same

July 16, 2014
About SJF

Σταθερά εκτός θερινής περιόδου το Syros Jazz Festival έχει την άποψη ότι ο τόπος μας δεν πρέπει να πέφτει σε

May 27, 2014

Organisation: Municipality of Syros-Hermoupolis Production: Vangelis Aragiannis, Yannis Roussos, Charis Vekris / EnToPo Siro, Runaway-I.Baritakis Translation: Vagelis A. Kritsinis Photography:

May 27, 2014
Supported by the Municipality of Syros-Hermoupolis and the South Aegean Region